Interactive rebase in GIT

To clean local commit history, fix typo’s and a lot more, Git’s interactive rebase is a great tool. How to use it in a proper way Tobias Gunther (@gntr) wrote a very clear tutorial on Gitlab. 

Read this article on GitLab

Let’s build a FullStack App with JavaScript!

Matt Basile, a full stack developer, shared a serie of articles which will show us “How to setup an full stack application with Javascript”

  • Article 1: Set up GitHub, download dependencies & initialize our files.
  • Article 2: Start our server
  • Article 3: Model our site’s data
  • Article 4: Build and seed our database
  • Article 5: Create our API
  • Article 6: Create our React App and connect to our backend
  • Article 7: Build out our Frontend
  • Possible Bonus Article: Add Authentication and host our project.

This serie can be found on : Let’s build a FullStack App with JavaScript!

UI Automation Testing using Cypress — Part 1

Cypress is free, open source, and locally installed front end testing tool. It can be used by developers or QA engineers, who build web applications using JavaScript framework.

One can do unit testing, integration testing and end to end testing by writing test case using Cypress. Using cypress, one can test anything that can run in browser.

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